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Now lately I’ve noticed quite the bunch making it mandatory for their group to have a job and of course 90% of the bunches first choice is always something like Starbucks or Hollister. So here is a wide variation of different jobs that are all located in the California state.

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I’VE GOT THIS SOUL, IT’S ALL FIRED UPThis is for soldiers and their commanders, for those who pick up swords and shields, for those whose hearts beat in time with the war drums, who live for battle, who dream of the gleam of armour in full sunlight and bloody hands clutching bloody wounds. | This is for the fallen angels who rose up against those they once called brothers and sisters, for those that lead their rebellion with sharp words and sharper swords, for demonic warriors dressed in defiance and those that followed their lead. | This is for Marchosias the fallen angel, prodigy of war and conflict and a mighty warrior, who feels at home on a battlefield strewn with bodies and the battle cry of those at her command. | This is no righteous war; this is madness. (L I S T E N)

01. Seven Devils - Florence + The Machine 02. Empire - Alpines 03. Bones - Ms Mr 04. Justice and Mercy - Flyleaf 05. Biting Down- Lorde06. Dark Doo Wop- Ms Mr 07. Après Moi - Regina Spektor 08. Dystopia (The Earth is on Fire) - YACHT 09. The Ruler and The Killer - Kid Cudi 10. Echoes of an Empire - Picture Me Broken 11Stabat Mater- Woodkid 12. Meet Your Master - Nine Inch Nails 13. Radioactive- Imagine Dragons 14. All Fired Up - Interpol 15. Ready, Aim, Fire - Imagine Dragons 16. Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes 17. You’re Going Down - Sick Puppies 18. I Will Not Bow - Breaking Benjamin 19. Sail - AWOL Nation 20. Iron - Woodkid 21. Power - Kanye West 22. My Songs Know What You Did in The Dark (Light ‘Em Up) - Fall Out Boy 23. The Army Inside - Lacuna Coil 24. Bodies - Drowning Pool 25. Bleed It Out - Linkin Park 26. The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy  

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STARTERS (part II) — Due to popular demand, I made another list of fun starters just for you guys, enjoy and don’t forget to like/reblog this post if it helped you somehow. 

WARNINGS: Language, Sex, Violence.

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  • since everyone has been asking me about my theme and making me post it, here you go.
  • contains 3 sidebar images [[200x200; can be use for gifs too]], 3 links images [[width:300]] and a title [[width:300]] Also, a place for your marquees or special announcements, and your music player.
  • please don’t remove the credit, it’s small, c’mon.
  • edit all you want but please don’t redistribute it.

live preview + pastebin

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  • includes 15 clean pngs
  • all of which were made by me
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  • here's the psd you can download including all 15 pngs
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character psd .02 — download [x][x]

  • both canvases are sized 245 x 250
  • the fonts used are OCR A Extended and Dawning of a New Day
  • if you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask and i’ll answer as soon as i can
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Theme #061 by Salvatoreh

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Please, don’t remove the credits and don’t claim as your own, like or reblog if you use it

*this is the theme i’m using right now*